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Welcome to Digital Conversions LLC

Bringing Your Photographic Past Into The Digital Now

We Digitize Photos, Slides, Negatives, Filmstrips, and Photo Albums Into Digital Images
Video Tapes & Movies Too!

On This Page: Our Mission / Preserving Your History / How to Order  / Disc Film  / Slide Carousels & Trays / Special Slide Mounts / Stereo Slides / Space-SaverTM Service / Crop-Free Scans / Free Index Images / Your Photos on TV / Video Tape and Movie Film / Fast Turnaround / Photo Printing / Photo Repair / Photo Restoration / Photo Retouching / Sending Your Photos / Customer Comments / "Adult Content"?
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Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality scanning service available on the Internet at a fair price*, to turn your precious photographs into convenient digital images. Just imagine having all your old family and vacation photos immediately available on your digital devices, instead of being locked away in some closet or storage space!
*($0.39/image for slides and negatives).

An equally important part of our mission is the preservation of your family's history. While we have handled orders with more than 7000 items, we are, at heart, a "botique" company, with an emphasis on personalized service. Many of the orders we receive include boxes of slides, photographs, or negatives with information about the contents written on them (dates, places, etc.). Slide carousel boxes often contain detailed lists of the photo subjects and other information. We preserve all of that information, and make it a part of your digital files. Other companies will not take the time and trouble to do that. They just send you a bunch of digital images (and in many cases do not return the original items!) We know that preserving your family history is the most important part of our job.

By the way - not only do we digitize photos, we also print photos and enlargements. That means that after you've had your slides or negatives digitized, or your old, faded photos upgraded with our Premier Service, you can get new, fresh, prints of those special photos that you want to have in hardcopy. For more information, go to ourPrintspage.

Disc Film Scanning (Conversion)


We specialize in digitizing Disc Films. We have developed highly specialized proprietary equipment and techniques that allow us to convert these tiny images to a digital image that is over 14 MP in size. That is the equivalent to having a scanner that can record over 11,000 DPI (Dots per Inch). No one else in the business can do that! Best of all, we do all of that for just $19.95/Disc, including image processing to get the best possible images from your Discs. For more information, see our dedicated Disc Film Digitization page.

We also offer high resolution (over 4000 dpi) conversion (better than scanning) services for slides and negatives, 300/600 dpi for photographs and photo albums, as well as photo restoration and retouching. (We'll even scan a couple of your slides, photos or negatives for free, just to introduce ourselves.) See the following pages for details about free scans:

Scanning Slides,
Scanning Negatives
Photo Scanning Service

We scan all types of slides (including Stereo Slides!) and negatives, and all size formats - we even scanDisc filmandfilmstrips. When we digitize filmstrips, we do it without cutting them into short strips. We can digitize photos up to approximately 12" x 18", and we scan Photo Albums.

Our Goal is to provide you with high quality digital images of your irreplacable photo collection. Once your photos are stored as digital files, they are completely safe from loss or damage. We invite you to check outwhat our Customers have said about our Services. Full details about all of our photo scanning services can be found on various pages throughout this website; just go to the main menu, or to the site map.
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Are your Slides in Carousels or Trays? No problem! We don't charge extra for those - other Companies charge as much as $4.95/carousel extra for that! Send them to us in the carousels or trays. If you really have an attachment to your carousels (and a lifetime supply of projector bulbs) - we'll send them back to you, with your slides in a separate bag. We can also reload the slides into the carousels at a cost of $0.04/slide.


Or, even better - you might want to take advantage of ourSpace-SaverTM Option.  After we digitize the slides from your carousels or trays, we will bundle them together (in sequence), and label each bundle with a unique ID that ties it to the information that was on the carousel or tray box (contained in a separate spread sheet) for easy identification. Then we ship your slides back to you (in a much smaller box!) and recyle the old carousels or trays.

Are your Slides in glass, or Other Special Mounts? No problem! We don't charge extra for those either! Other companies (if they will process those special mounts at all - most won't) will add a hefty extra charge for anything other than plastic or cardboard mounts.

What's worse, if you have glass-mounted slides, they will try to remove the slide from the glass mount. If the photographic emulsion has stuck to the glass, that could result in damage to, or the destruction of, the slide image. We don't need to disturb the slide to convert it - our special process can handle the image capture with no changes to the slide whatsoever. Your slides will come back to you exactly as they were when we received them.

Stereo Slides! We may be the only service that can digitize your Stereo Slides! Not only that, but in addition to scanning and digitizing them (both images in the pairs), we can print your stereo images in pairs so that you can view them in 3-D, even without a stereo viewer.

Don't let yourself fall into the "procrastination trap", which is the idea that "I have to get all my photos sorted and organized before I can have them scanned." Our high-definition proprietary imaging system allows us to set our pricing at a low enough point that it becomes practical to just have everything scanned, and then do the sorting and organizing on your computer - which makes the job much easier. Digital images on your computer are much easier to see and work with than stacks of slides or negatives.

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Getting Your Photos to Us

How to Order: To request conversion services, just fill out the Scanning Request Form.

To keep our operating costs low, and to keep our prices as affordable as possible, we do not operate from a traditional "store front". Our shipping address is a UPS Store, where we receive shipments of photographic material from all over North America (US & Canada) and can have them kept in a secure location upon arrival. Most of our Customers send their materials via Priority Mail, which we recommend. We have never had a package fail to be delivered by the US Postal System.

We can also meet with customers by appointment at the Main Street address (the UPS Store at 364 East Main St., Middletown, DE 19709), to receive and then to deliver your materials. Our objective is to make it as convenient as possible for you to get your photographs preserved and/or restored.

Whether you are in the local area, or elsewhere in the US or Canada (we receive materials from all of North America), when you have photographs, slides, or negatives that you wish to have digitized or restored, please fill out aScanning Request,so that we can provide you with instructions, and schedule your work to minimize turn-around time. Please call us: 484-502-6706 oremail uswith any questions.
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 Free Index Images with Every Order

Once you have your precious photos saved into digital form, you may want to organize them or find specific images. To help you with that process, we distribute your photos into a series of Folios (subdirectories) that typically hold about 50-70 photos each (unless you have specified some other organizational system).

We then include with every order, at no extra charge, an Index image within each Folio, which shows a thumbnail version of each image in the Folio together with its file name:

storm damage

This index image makes it much easier to organize and sort your pictures, or to find a specific image, since each thumbnail image has the file name just below it. You can print these index images out on your home printer for easy reference.

If you don't have a way to print them, you can include printed copies with your order, for $2.20/page (for the first fifteen pages) printed on plain 8-1/2" x 11" 20lb bond paper, which is what we recommend. If you want to have them printed on photo paper, the cost is $3.00/page for the first fifteen pages. The cost per page goes down for larger quantities, to as low as $1.95/page. For full pricing please see ourPricing page.

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Enjoy Your Photos on TV

In addition to providing your image files on a flash drive or DVD, for a small additional charge ($0.09/image + disc cost) we can assemble your pictures into a HDTV Video Slide Show. We can then put that slide show on a DVD  that you can play in your DVD player so you can enjoy your pictures on your TV set, as well as your computer.

No-Crop Scanning

It is important to note that all our scanning services are CROP-FREE. Unlike some other (many other) services, we will not crop your 126 format and Super slides, your photos, or your negatives in the scanning process. The files you receive from us will contain the full images that are on the original material.

What we offer: We will digitize yourSlides, Negatives (including Disc Film) and Photographs, all formats and all sizes. For slides (2" x 2" standard mounts: 35mm, and other film sizes) we digitize 35mm slides at a resolution of 24MP. For other formats (for example 110, 120, 126 and 127 Super Slides) there may be slight variations in the total MP size of the image. High resolution conversion means that you will get all of the available detail in each slide converted into your digital image. With the Premier Service, each scan will be processed to remove dust and scratches, properly oriented, color balanced and presented as a jpeg image file (RAW & TIFF files are available as an option, at a small additional cost) stored on the medium of your choice.

You can see samples of our slide conversionshere.

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Video Tapes & Movies

We digitize most of the common video tape formats, as well as 8mm & 16mm movie films.

Photo Restoration & Retouching

Photo Repair

We also offer photograph restoration,repair,and photograph retouchingservices (also called photo editing). If you have old or damaged photographs, there is an excellent chance that they can be repaired and restored to near-perfect condition. For more details, see our Photo Restoration page. If you have a photo that is not to your liking, with some sort of "defect", we can probably cure that situation as well. Need to remove the "extra ten pounds" the camera adds? Check with us. Got a great picture except that it includes your "ex"? We can "take them out". See our Photo Retouching page for more information.

Fast Turnaround

When we started, our objective was to receive materials from our Customers and have them completely processed and ready to ship back to them within two weeks or less of their arrival at our location - with an emphasis on the "or less" part! As people have learned about our service, our backlog has grown so that is not always possible. If our workload at a particular time does not make that possible, we will inform you when we respond to your Scanning Request.

The exceptions to that goal are twofold: very large orders, by necessity, can take longer. In addition, the conversion ofvideo tapesandmovie filmcan take up to two - six weeks.

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You can get more detail on our prices and services on the individual pages for each service: Slide Scanning, Negative Scanning, PhotosDisc Film Scanning, Filmstrip Scanning, Photograph Scanning, Video Tape Conversion Home Movie Conversion Retouching Photographs and Photograph Restoration

Customer Comments

Here are comments we have received from some of our Customers regarding our Service:

" I have received and gone through the conversions you provided. I am totally satisfied.....precisely as advertised! Will likely come back in the future for additional needs. I particularly appreciate your thorough manner of doing business. I'm generally cautious of small independent internet transactions. You have proven that the right vendor can be very reliable. Pleasure doing business with you. "

Carey W., MD

" I absolutely recommend Digital Conversions. I had about 18 mini-DVDs from an old Sony Handicam--the disks would not even play in the camera itself. I knew there were a lot of videos from when my daughter was young and the thought of losing all of that made me sick to my stomach. Enter Frank and Digital Conversions. He was able to retrieve the video files off of every single disc (even those I know weren't finalized). Just viewed them the other day--so many fantastic memories now preserved and viewable! They brought so many smiles to our faces. Frank couldn't have been more pleasant in our communications and the price is certainly right. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Frank!" "

R.C., Santa CLara, CA

"Oh my gosh... A couple of trips around the world and some really neat cities right here in the US of A! What an adventure... my kids, tons of friends, like a mini memoir. Thank you so much for a very fun day and for saving my memories, Frank. When I return from my trip, I will definitely give you a great review. Thank you again "

Barbara K., NY

"I am not sure how I won the customer service lottery, but I am blown away. Blown, blown, blown away. To have my mom's wedding shots, with images so perfect that I can see down to the freckles on her face, is almost overwhelming. Before finding your services, I thought old-timey negatives could never do the job of an iPhone 10. You have proven me wrong. Both the clarity and the stunning colors are more than I could have imagined. To top it off, your detailed emails and along with your generosity go unmatched. The only way I know how to pay you back is to tell everyone about Digital Conversions and the guy that runs it; I have already started sharing your work and contact information. "

Emily D., CA

"I want to thank you for your OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! The fact that you let me know throughout the process where we were at and how long it would take to finish and mail the product made things a lot easier on me with my travel schedule. Again, thanks! The norm is poor customer service and you are top notch!"

L. F., Boerne, TX

"I was very very happy with the outcome! The reproduction was excellent. Frank converted my old slides, some dating back to the mid 50's, and they came out great! Frank is very professional and easy to work with. I've used Costo and Walgreens in the past and Digital Conversion beats hand down these competitors in both quality and price. I wish I would have found him sooner."

Jack S., Kennett Sq., PA

"Professionally done, promptly done, and superb communications throughout the process. Oh, and yes, very reasonably priced! Excellent value. I could not be happier."

Mark I. Nashville, TN

I am EXTREMELY pleased with Digital Conversion's work. Frank took over 800 very old slides and converted them to DVD. They beat ANY other company BY FAR in price and they do exceptional work! They even come to your home to pick up your work and deliver it when done. It's super customer service. I recommend them to EVERYONE."

Anna M, Brookhaven, PA

"I recommend Digital Conversions very highly! Frank converted 300 very special family photos and scanned them promptly and professionally. I could not be more satisfied and highly recommend his services to anyone converting media to digital formatting!"

Steve M., Garnet Valley, PA

"Hi....this is Barry, Bob's brother. I thought you might want to hear from "the horses mouth" (never could really figure out that one!). FABULOUS. I can't believe you actually turned those 30 year old slides into real life. "

Barry T., San Diego, CA

"I am very impressed by both your business model and my interactions with Digital Conversions so far... As mentioned before, your business model and customer service have been amazing. I'll be in touch soon with our next project for you."

E.A., Austin, TX

"We are really impressed with the way you run your company and deal with customers. I don't think I've ever encountered such good communication and customer service!"

E.W., The Villages, FL

"I appreciate what a good job you did to scan them so cleanly. I will recommend you to friends with no hesitation."

Ken W, Wallingford, PA

"I have received your package last Monday and I did not have time open the box till today. I am really thrilled to see those pictures. You did a great job. Thanks a million"

A.B., Durham NC

"Digital Conversions helped me to restore a very old and damaged photo that meant a lot to our family. Fast service, quality work, professional!"

L.J., Chicago, IL

"I can't get over the 'magic' you were able to do with my parents' wedding photos! I never thought that it would be possible to have a photo of them to commemorate their special day!... I can't tell you how much this means to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

L.C., Glen Mills, PA

You can also learn more about us on our Facebook Page

Adult Content: We have received inquiries at various times from people who were concerned about the fact that some of their photos included what is usually referred to as "adult content", and they were uncertain about sending them in for processing. We are not concerned with how the pixels in your photos are arranged. We have no problem with processing material in that category, as long as no children are depicted in the photos.

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