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Compare Us to Costco

It may be helpful to compare our Digital Conversion process with having your slides scanned at Costco. Costco will scan your slides for $0.32/slide, with a minimum cost of $19.99. For that price, you will get scans that have a resolution of a bit less than 2200 DPI - or to put it another way, it's the equivalent of converting your slides to 6MP images. We digitize slides at about 3400 DPI (16 MP images).

Their process is strictly a bulk operation - in effect they put your slides "into the hopper" at one end, and get a stack of slides and a directory full of image files at the other.

One other important item: we can digitize ALL forms of photographic images: not just slides,but negatives, prints, filmstrips, albums, unmounted slides, what ever you have. If it is a photographic image, we can digitize it.

Slides in Carousels or Trays?

That's too bad, if you plan to go to Costco. They clearly state: "Please remove carousels, trays, sheets and binders". On the other hand, we will accept your slides in carousels, trays, binders, boxes, rubber bands, or any other containers - and at no extra charge. We also accept all types of slide mounts: cardboard, plastic, glass mounts, metal framed mounts, etc. Going to Costco? Sorry - plastic or cardboard ONLY.

If your slides are in some type of carousel, projector tray, or cube, you may want to consider taking advantage of ourSpace-Saver Option.  After we digitize the slides from your carousels or trays, we will bundle them together (in order), and label each bundle with the information that was on the carousel or tray box for easy identification.

Then we ship your slides back to you (in a much smaller box!) and recyle the old carousels or trays. Let's face it - you are not likely to ever use that old projector again, so why keep the bulky storage containers? This option can save you a LOT of storage space.

Got a Large Job?

If you have a large job - over 500 slides - Costco will hand you two or more DVDs with your slides on them. Their DVDs are limited to 500 slides. We, on the other hand, will load your slides onto DVDs, or to Blu-ray discs (conventional, or M-Discs) which can hold thousands of slide images - even at our much higher resolution. We have produced Blu-ray slide shows with over 3,000 slides on a single Blu-ray M-disc. Want your files on a flash drive? Costco says "Too Bad!". We say: "Certainly!"

Our Approach

Our approach, as explained on the "Slides" page is, first, to handle your slides one at a time. We clean the dust off, photograph the slide, and return it to the carousel (if that's where it came from), or restack it in it's box or container. As described on the Slides page, our process produces a 16MP image of a 35mm slide - that's more than 2.5x the resolution you will get from Costco.

We can't say whether Costco does anything to minimize dust and debris on the image, but we CAN say (from personal experience) that they do not produce totally clean images (see the comparisons below).

Compare the Results

We have shown below sets of image pairs. The one on the top of each pair of images is the scan that was obtained from Costco ($0.32/image) several years ago. The image on the bottom of each pair is the same image, after we have put it through our"Premier Service"processing ($0.38/image now - $0.50/image after Jan 15, 2018 including the "scan").

Of course, if keeping the overall cost as low as possible is your concern, then if you use our"Image Only"service at $0.20/image ($0.30/image after Jan 15, 2018), the results you get will be similar to what Costco would produce - but at a saving of $0.12/image. (After Jan 15, 2018 our prices will still be $0.02/image lower!)

We can't really do a true "head-to-head" comparison as we lack the original slides that were scanned by Costco to produce the images below. That means that we are stuck with the approximately 2100 DPI resolution of the Costco scans, instead of the 3600 DPI resolution for the images we convert in-house. What we can demonstrate, however, is the difference in the amount of dust and other debris that can spoil an otherwise great photo.

It is important to note that the differeneces will not show up if you view these images at small sizes. To fully appreciate the differences, you need to view the images at a width of about ten inches, as you would on a full-size monitor. You can right-click on the images and select "View Image", and then use the "zoom" feature to see the changes more clearly.


Note the improvment in the color (above)!

sailing ship

That ugly vertical stain is gone (Above)!


A time long ago (Above)...

We offer the lowest cost high resolution photographic slide scanning service on the Internet, with a 14-day turnaround.

You can trust Digital Conversions LLC to handle all yourslide scanningneeds.

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