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Scanning Prices (All Formats)

Here is a summary of all our prices for scanning and other services: Scanning Slides, Scanning Negatives, Scanning Photographs, Restoring Photographs, and Retouching (editing/"photo-shopping") Photographs. Compare and see how much you can save!

Note: We accept materials from all locations: USA, Canada, and beyond.

Scanning Slides

Film Size (mm) jpeg Res. Image Only** Premier Service***
35mm 16MP $0.30 $0.50
110 (13 x 17) 16MP $0.30 $0.50
120 (45x 60) 16MP $0.30 $0.50
126 (26 x 26) 12MP $0.30 $0.50
127 (38 x 38)* 12MP $0.30 $0.50
Notes: (prices above are totals; example: 100, 35mm images with Premier Processing = $50.00)
*We are able to Scan 127 Superslides without cropping the images. (Most places can't do that!). The MP resolution is somewhat lower, however, because of the square format of the images.
** Image Rotation available for $0.03/slide.
** Add $0.05/image for TIFF/RAW files.
*** Includes Image Rotation; Add $0.10/image for TIFF/RAW files.

Scanning Negatives

Film Size (mm) jpeg Res. DNeg* DPos** PS***
110 (13 x 17)**** 10MP $0.30 $0.35 $0.55
120 (45x 60) 16MP $0.30 $0.35 $0.55
126 (26 x 26) 11MP $0.30 $0.35 $0.55
35mm 16MP $0.30 $0.35 $0.55
Disc Film (per disc) 11MP $9 $10 $15
Larger Formats (in)
Length up to 3" 12MP $0.89 $0.99 $1.19
Length up to 5" 12MP $1.09 $1.19 $1.39
Length up to 7" 12MP $1.29 $1.39 $1.59
Length up to 10" 12MP $1.69 $1.89 $2.49

Notes: (prices above are totals; example: 100, 35mm images with Premier Processing = $53.00)
* DNeg (Digital Negative): Add $0.05/image for TIFF/RAW files
** DPos (Digital Positive): Add $0.05/image for TIFF/RAW files
** Image Rotation Available for $0.03/image
*** PS (Premier Service): Includes Image Rotation; Add $0.10/image for TIFF/RAW files
****The 10MP image for 110 format film is the equivalent of a scan with 5000 dpi resolution

Scanning Photographs

Photo Size Res. (dpi)* Cost / Image
up to 4 x 5 300 $0.35
600 $0.60
up to 5 x 7 300 $0.45
600 $0.80
8 x 10 300 $0.89
600 $1.55
Upgrade Photos (PS) $0.20
Photo Albums** 300 $1.20/page
600 $2.50/page

* For most purposes, 300dpi is the best choice (see Photo page)
** For Photo Albums, scans of each individual photo in addition to the full page scan are available for $0.15 less than the photo prices listed above (same dpi).

File Data Storage: The prices quoted above are for the conversion of your images into digital files. The cost of the media to hold your data is in addition to the scanning charges. The best media for your files will depend on the total size of your image library, and your personal preference.

We offer several options for loading your data: standard DVDs (4.7GB capacity, $5.00 ea.), Blu-Ray DVDs, which range from 4.7GB up to 25GB, and cost between $6.00 - $9.00/disc, and flash drives, which start at $8.00 for 8GB.

Prices for larger drives will be quoted when your job is completed and we know what size drive would be needed. Flash drives are like lobster - prices vary greatly over time, and we base our charges on the price that is currently available. Of course, flash drives have the advantage that they can be repurposed once you have downloaded your files - or, you can simply keep them loaded with your data as an additional backup, and a convenient way to have your files with you.

If you have a preference for a particular file storage medium, you can indicate that on yourrequest/order form. If your initial choice is not practical due to the size of your data set, we will contact you to discuss alternatives.

Video (HDTV) Slide Show

We can turn all your images into a Video Slide Show and load it onto a DVD that can be played on your TV: $0.04/image.

We can also add Title pages and other captioning if desired: $1.00/page

Pick-up & Delivery Service

We offer pick-up and delivery services; either free, or for a small mileage charge, depending on the size of your scanning order and the distance involved. For orders which incur a delivery charge, the per-mile cost is based on the one-way driving distance as calculated byGoogle Mapsfrom ourshipping addressto your location. The total charge is based on the round-trip distance, plus any tolls incurred, for each trip. The mileage charge ranges from $0.10 - $0.30/mi. You can check your delivery costs, if any, using the following table ("x" indicates that the service is not available for that combination of order size and distance):

Distance (mi., up to):    5   10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80
Min. Scan Charge
   $30 .15.25.30    x   x   x   x   x   x
   $50 .   x   x   x   x   x
 $100 Free.   x   x   x    x
 $200Free.   x   x   x
 $300 FreeFree.   x   x
 $400 FreeFreeFree.   x
 $500 FreeFreeFreeFree.
 $600 FreeFreeFreeFreeFree.
 $700 FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree.10.15.20
 $800 FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree.10.15
 $900 FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree.10
$1000 FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree

Compare Pricing

Compare our prices to our competition for photos, and 35mm slides and negatives (the links are live, and will open in a new window). When making comparisons, note the resolution provided by the other services, and compare it to our resolution (for example, 3300dpi for 35mm slides):

Website Res. Slides Negs
digmypics.com 2000$0.39$0.54
scancafe.com 3000$0.33$0.33
scandigital.com 2000$0.74$0.64




fotobridge.com 2000$0.40$0.42







w/color correction   


w/color correction   


Note that if these companies do any post-processing, they use "Digital Ice" to "automatically" remove dust and dirt from the images. Automated solutions are a comporomise at best. We hand-process all work for our Premier Service. The same is true for all adjustments made to images for color and exposure improvement.

For a comparison of our work with what large commercial companies produce, see ourCostco comparison.

Retouching & Restoring Photographs

We provide photograph retouching and restoration services at the rate of $40/hr. Our policy is to work in time blocks of 15 minutes (maximum, or $10/block), and save a copy of the work at that point. We then upload watermarked copies of the resulting images from each time block to Drobox, and send you an email with the link, and the cost of each block's image.

If you decide that you want to purchase one of the images (either the end-point, or an intermediate stage), then we send you an invoice, and send you the clear version of the image file once your invoice has been paid. That way, you have control over the process (and the cost) and do not have to be concerned about ending up with a large, unexpected bill, or a photo restoration that you are not happy with.

If you do not wish to purchase any of the resulting images, then you owe us nothing, and we will simply return your original material.

Try Us out for Free!

As a way of introducing you to our Service, we invite you to try our Slide, Negative or Photograph Scanning Service for FREE. We will scan up to six slides, eight negatives, or 1 - 4 photographs (depending on size) absolutely free of charge (See the Free-Scans Request Form). The resulting jpeg images will be sent to you via Dripbox, and your originals will be sent back to you in a return envelope that you will provide to us.

To get your free scans, just fill out the Free-Scans Request Form and submit it online. We will reply with an email providing you with instructions on how to send us your negatives or photos, along with a mailing label that you will need to use for your envelope. Please do not send us any materials without receiving this instructive email.

Large Orders:

Large orders will be sectioned into file sub-directories of about 50-100 images, and all orders will include an Index image that contains thumbnail images of each picture, together with its file name. That way you can quickly search for a particular image, or easily review all of the images in the file. Of course, we will organize the images into specific categories of your choosing if you provide the necessary instructions.

Please note that if you have both a negative and a photographic print of that negative, it is always best to send us the negative to be digitized. That insures that you will have all off the detail of the original picture in your digital file, without the losses that can occur when the negative image is processed to make a print. Many automatic photo processors apply automatic "corrections" to prints that are actually distortions of the original image. By scanning the negative, you will recover any detail that was lost due to a poor printing process.

Remember - Digital Conversions LLC provides the lowest cost high-resolution photo scanning services.

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