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We Print Photos in Color, and Black & White

On This Page: Photograph Prints / Print Prices / Photo Enlargements / Print Ratios (length/width) / How to Order Prints /

OK - you've got all your photos converted to digital image files, where they are safe from loss or damage, and you can view them on your computer and all your other digital devices. But, there may still be photos that you would like to have in "hard copy", as photographic prints. If, for example, your original photos were in the form of slides or negatives, or if your original photos were badly faded, you may want to have some of them available as new, crisp photographs.

We can do that for you, too. We can print your photographs from "wallet" sizes up to 13" x 19". These are not your typical "drugstore" prints, churned out by the dozens on automated machinery. We print each photo individually, at the highest quality setting on our six-tank inkjet printer. Each photo is formatted for printing to be certain that we are getting the entire photo in the print. There is no "accidental" cropping of your pictures (unless you request it - see below).

Our prices for Custom Photo Printing are very affordable:

Photo Prints

  Paper Size (in)   per print    3 - 7**   8 or more
13" x 19" $22.00 $19.00 $17.00
  Paper Size (in)   per print     4 - 8**     9 or more
11" x 17" $18.50 $16.00 $15.00
  Paper Size (in)   per print     5 - 9**   10 or more
9" x 13" $16.00 $14.00 $13.00
  Paper Size (in)   per print   20 - 49**   50 or more
8.5" x 11" $8.50 $7.50 $7.00
  Paper Size (in)   per print   30 - 59**   60 or more
8" x 10" $6.50 $6.00 $5.50
8" x 8" $4.50 $4.00 $3.50
5" x 7" $1.80 $1.60 $1.50
  Paper Size (in)   per print   50 - 99**   100 or more
2.5" x 3.5" $0.39 $0.36 $0.32
4" x 4" $0.46 $0.42 $0.39
4" x 6" $0.55 $0.50 $0.48
5" x 5" $0.89 $0.84 $0.81
Stereo Pair* $4.95 $4.50 $4.25

Print prices listed are for glossy or matte finish paper. Special finish papers are available, but typically involve an additional surcharge that is added to the cost of the batch of prints.
* "Stereo Pair" prints are printed at a size that allows viewing them in 3-D without the use of a viewer. If you are not familiar with this technique, send a request for information to support@digitalconversions.biz
** Volume pricing is based on the total number of prints of a given size in a job.
Premier Service: For images that are "Image Only", or "Digital Positive", Premier Service is still available to upgrade the quality of those images before printing,at a cost of $0.35/image

Please contact us for special orders, special papers, or any other special needs. We want to be your "Go-To" source for fine photographic prints.


We can scan an existing photo and enlarge it and print it in the larger size. The cost of enlarging a photo is $2.00 in addition to the other charges for scanning and printing.

Photo Proportions for Prints

When ordering prints or enlargements, it is important to understand the effects of camera format on your photo prints. Different camera types have different "aspect ratios", that is, the ratio of the width of a photo and the height of a photo are different for different camera types.

For example, a 35mm image has a 3:2 ratio of width:height. A 126 camera has a square image, which is a 1:1 ratio. This becomes important when you want to have a photo printed. Here's why:

35mm full

The two examples shown here are an image from a 35mm camera. The overall frames of both photos have the ratio of an 8 x 10 photo. In the photo on the left, the photo shows the full-frame version of the image that you would see in a 35mm slide. Note that this results in blank spaces at the top and bottom of the image. The image on the right has been enlarged to fill the vertical dimension of the frame, which automatically results in the "cropping" (cutting off) of the left and right ends of the original image.

The loss of detail is not too great, and for most photos it may not matter. But it is important to understand the difference between the two different ways of printing images from 35mm cameras and other cameras that do not have the same ratio of length/width (1.25:1) that an 8x10 photo has.

It should also be noted that, for example, a 4 x 6 photo print has the same ratio as a 35mm camera frame. That means that a 35mm photo printed as a 4 x 6 photo will show the entire image, without any cropping. Then, there is the 5 x 7 print format, which falls somewhere in between. The key point is that there may be a mis-match between your images, and the photo size you wish to have printed, in which case you will need to decide between printing the full image, or having parts of the image cropped as required to fit the format.

When you order prints from us, if your images are from cameras that do not match the print frame format that you have requested, you will need to specify on your order form (check-box) how you want us to print them: full image, or cropped.

How to Order Your Prints

If we have previously converted your pictures to digital files, and you want to have some of them printed, all you need to do is to send us an email at: support@digitalconversions.biz(Subject: Request for Prints). We will reply with an order form; all you have to do is to list the serial numbers of the images you wish to have printed. The order form will provide a place where you can indicate your preference for full-frame or cropped photos, if that situation applies.

If we have not previously converted your photos, then you have two options. You can:

Full instructions will be included in the reply email we will send to you when we receive your email requesting prints.