mini DVD recovery
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We Can Recover Your Mini DVD Files!


We Recover Files From Mini-DVDs

We can recover the files on your Mini DVD Discs!

If you have mini-DVD discs from your Sony Handycam, Mini Disc Digicam, or other digital video cameras that you cannot read on your computer, we can probably recover the files for you.

Many times people have discovered that the videos they recorded on their Digital Video Cameras cannot be played back on their computer or other digital devices. In some cases, this is because the disc was not "finalized" before being removed from the camera.

If this has happened to you, don't give up! We have developed a method of recovering mini DVD files on most of these "unreadable" discs.

If this is what you see when you put your mini DVD Disc into your computer, all is not lost. If the disc was recorded on, there are files there, it's just that there is no file system on the disc, so your computer can't find any files. We have developed a procedure that we can use to recover those files and convert them to an MP4 file that will play on your digital devices.

Other companies will charge you $100 or more per disc.  We think that is unconscionable - sort of like holding your important videos hostage. We will recover the files on your discs and convert them for just $24.00/disc. If there are no files that can be recovered, then there is no charge other than the cost of return postage.

Let us help you recover those irreplaceable memories that have been locked away on those unreadable mini DVD video camera discs. Just fill out aRequest Formto get started.

Customer Comment

" I absolutely recommend Digital Conversions. I had about 18 mini-DVDs from an old Sony Handicam--the disks would not even play in the camera itself. I knew there were a lot of videos from when my daughter was young and the thought of losing all of that made me sick to my stomach. Enter Frank and Digital Conversions. He was able to retrieve the video files off of every single disc (even those I know weren't finalized). Just viewed them the other day--so many fantastic memories now preserved and viewable! They brought so many smiles to our faces. Frank couldn't have been more pleasant in our communications and the price is certainly right. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Frank!" "

R.C., Santa CLara, CA

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