Photo Scanning Services
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Why Scan Your Slides and Photographs?

There are lots of very good reasons to scan your old slides, negatives and photographs into a digital format:

How to Order: To request conversion services, just fill out the Scanning Request Form.

Scanning = Sharing

Oldphotosandslidesare your past, your history, and your memories in a physical form - unfortunately, they are NOT permanent! Time takes its toll on all forms of photography. Images fade, mold can form, water damage can occur, and physical damage can occur in many ways, including fires and just plain old simple loss.

Another problem is that those images, that are so much a part of your life, can't be easily viewed, or shared with others, while they remain only in a physical format. Digital images are an immense improvement over the old-fashioned hard copies that so many of us have.

When did you last take out your old slide projector? If you are like most people, it's been a very long time! When did you last look at your old Family Albums? Unfortunately, those things tend to be put into drawers, or storage boxes, and seldom see the light of day - so a lot of your heritage, and history, goes unobserved and unappreciated

Scanning = Digital Access

Once all those photo images are converted into a digital format, they can be accessed easily. You can load them onto your computer, your Smart phone, your Tablet, and into a Digital Photo Frame, where they can run as a continuous slide show on your desk. You can easily share them with friends and family.

You can post them on Facebook, or Pinterest, or other social media sites. They can also be printed out easily when you want a physical copy. Another advantage of digital conversion is that there is now a type of DVD disc - the M-Disc - that is capable of lasting over 100 years, ensuring that your treasured memories will be around for generations to come.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that once your precious family photos are available in digital form, every member of your family who wants it can have their very own copy of your family's photographic memorabilia. That's something that just can't happen as long as there is only one physical copy available in the world. No more arguments over who gets the Family's photo albums - everybody can now have their own copy!

Scanning = TV Slide Shows

When you have your photos digitized, you can, for a small ($0.08/frame) additional cost, have a slide show made with your pictures that you can watch on your TV. We can load your slide show onto a DVD (standard definition), or a Blu-ray disc (HDTV), that you can enjoy the same way you enjoy movies with your DVD or Blu-ray player. The standard slide show output is an MP4 file. This can be converted to a TV compatible NTSC format for an additional $5.00 charge for each video.

Just think - you used to have to haul out the projector, the screen, get everything set up, and then finally you were ready to enjoy your slides. Now, all you would need to do is slip a disc into your DVD or Blu-ray player, grab the remote, sit back and enjoy the show!

We can "chapterize" your show in any way you wish - by calendar intervals, by trips and events, or any other type of category. All you need to do is separate your slides/photos as needed, and label them with the description you want. We can prepare Title Pages for each chapter in the slide show as well. If you have slides in carousels, we can make each carousel a separate chapter.

Scanning = Recovering $

Think about all the time and money you put into creating your film-based photo collection. There was the cost of the camera, then the film, then all the time and effort you put into taking the pictures so that you could remember those important times and places. Then, of course, the film processing (which was always expensive!).

If you were taking slide photographs, then you probably spent a lot of time (and more money) buying carousels or slide trays for your projector - and then more time setting up the slide shows. (By the way -we do not charge extra to digitize slides that are in carousels, trays, or that have special mounts.) Better yet, you can take advantage of our exclusive Space-SaverTMservice. We can bundle your slides compactly, and you won't have to store those bulky carousels and trays anymore!

Now, it's most likely that those old pictures and slides are just moldering away in a closet of some other storage area, and the end product of all that time and money is not being appreciated or enjoyed.

If that's the case, all that time, effort, and money is now just sitting around, and not doing you any good at all. Digitizing your collection will bring it into the "Digital Now", and back into your life, where you can enjoy, share, and relive those important chapters of your past.

Scanning = Insurance

There is one more (very important) reason for scanning your photographs that is perhaps even more relevant. Once your photographic heritage is digitized, it is protected from the catastrophic loss that can occur in an event like a fire, flood, or a major storm.

storm damage
house fire

Many families have watched their homes being destroyed by events like these. When survivors of these disasters are interviewed, a common response is that all their material possessions can be replaced, but the thing that hits them the hardest is the fact that all their family photos have been destroyed as well. Those images of their past, their memories, are gone forever. Unfortunately, they are the one thing that can't be replaced at any price, in most cases.

But - if your memories have been digitized, and uploaded to the Cloud, or shared among several family members, they are safe from harm, and whatever other losses you may be confronted with, your treasured and irreplaceable pictures, at least, will not be among them. When you look at it that way, the cost of scanning your photos becomes a one-time insurance premium that prevents the catastrophic loss of those treasures.

Don't take chances with your photographic past. Gather your slides, albums, negatives, and loose photos together and take steps now to bring them back into your life, and to preserve them for the future. We can digitize them at the lowest possible cost and make them accessible to you once again, to be enjoyed and shared as they were always meant to be!

 Don't Procrastinate

Once you realize the importance of getting this project started, don't let yourself fall into the "procrastination trap", which is the idea that "I have to get all my photos sorted and organized before I can have them scanned". We have deliberately set our pricing at a low enough point that it becomes practical to just have everything scanned, and then do the sorting and organizing on your computer - which makes the job much easier.

When we scan your images every image will have a unique file name, even if you submit photos in several different batches (just check the box on the Order Form to show that you have ordered from us before). This means that you can sort and arrange your image files in any way you wish, without running into file-name conflicts. You will find that the job of sorting and organizing those photos becomes much easier when you are simply moving digital files around.

When you look at our scanning services for slides, photos, and negatives, you will see that we offer two or three different categories of service. The top category, our "Premier Service" includes full image cleanup (removal of dust, fibers, and scratches from the image, color correction, and exposure adjustment). That service is, of course, the most expensive. However, we also offer a much lower cost service category, "Image Only" (or, for negatives, "Digital Positives"), which simply provides a digital version of the photo image.

This category of service ("Image Only", or "Digital Positives") is usually the best choice for most customers. It allows you to get the largest possible number of photos converted to digital, at the lowest cost. In most photo collections, there are only a few photos that are important enough to warrant the additional steps we provide in our Premier Service. The good news is that once you have organized and sorted your digital images, you can then contact us and request that certain specific images be "upgraded" with our Premier Service at a later time.

If you find that some of these precious memories have already suffered some damage, we can help! We also provide both photo restorationand retouchingservices - just include them when you fill out the Request Form.

You can trust Digital Conversions LLC to handle all yourphoto scanningneeds.

scanning means sharing