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We Scan and Digitize Movie Films!

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We Digitize Home Movies!

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It's time to dig out those old home movies! It has probably been years since you've seen them, but now you can have them at your fingertips on all of your digital devices. We can scan and digitize your 8mm and 16mm silent movie reels to MP4 formats (or, WMV, AVI, and others). They can also be formatted and burned to DVDs that you can watch on your television screen.

8mm/Super8 Home Movies

We can scan and digitize your 8mm and Super8 home movies and convert them to most popular computer video formats: MP4, AVI, WAV, etc. The cost for conversion is just $0.25/foot.

16mm Home Movies

We can scan and digitize your 16mm home movies and convert them to most popular computer video formats: MP4, AVI, WAV, etc. The cost for conversion of 16mm films is just $0.39/foot.

How to Order: To request conversion services, just fill out the Scanning Request Form.

Service Charge: The conversion of video media to digital formats incurs considerably higher setup and overhead costs than the digitization of still photographic media. Consequently, for video services we have to add a Service Charge, calculated on a sliding scale, for smaller orders. This charge is applied to orders only if the total conversion charges for an order (combined for movie film and video tape) are between $12.50 and $90.00. To emphasize: this Service Charge applies ONLY to movie film and video tape orders, but NOT to any of our other services.

At the lower limit of order size, $12.50, the Service Charge is $38.75; but it is reduced to $0.00 when the overall conversion charges for tape and movie film reach or exceed $90.00. So, as an example, for an order where the conversion charges are $20.00, the Service Charge will be $35.00; for a $40.00 order, the SC would drop to $25.00. When the conversion charges are $90.00 or more, the Service Charge no longer applies.

The following Table shows examples how these charges are applied:

 Conversion Charge  Service Charge  Total Cost
$15.00 $37.50 $52.50
$30.00 $30.00 $60.00
$50.00 $20.00 $70.00
$75.00 $7.50 $82.50
$90.00 $0.00 $90.00

As you can see, we are not really set up for small orders - if you have just one or two 3" reels of 8mm film, you can get better prices elsewhere. But, if you have a reasonable amount of film to be digitized, we are ready to help you with that.

Delivery Times: Delivery times vary considerably depending on our workload. If your Order includes both video and photo components, if the video conversions are completed before your photo portion is done, we will usually be able to expedite the photo work to complete the entire Order as early as possible.

movie reel
So, resurrect your old, tech-obsolete home movies. Now, you can enjoy them all over again on your computer, tablet, phone, or even on your TV. To start the process of recovering all those memories, just fill out a Request Form, and we'll follow up with full instructions.

Let Digital Conversions LLC scan and convert all your family''s 8mm and 16mm silent home movies to bring them into the Digital Age. Conversion cost for 8mm & Super8 film is just $0.25/ft, for 16mm film, $0.42/ft.

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