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Compare Us to Walmart

On This Page: Walmart or Digital Conversions? / Single Slide Handling vs. "Bulk" / Slides in Carousels or Trays? / Slide Mounts not Plastic or Cardboard? / Space-SaverTM Service / Is Your Job Large? / We Offer Storage Options / We Offer Better Resolution / How to Order

Walmart Scans Slides (actually, they ship them out to another company) - But We Do it Better!

It may be helpful to compare our Digital Conversion process with having your slides scanned at Walmart. Walmart will scan your slides for $0.60/slide, with a minimum cost of $14.91 (On Sale). For that price, you will get scans that have a resolution of 600 DPI. That gives you an image from a slide that is just 1/2 Megapixel - back to the earliest days of the first digital cameras!

We digitize slides at about 4200 DPI (24 MP images). We also handle all formats of photographic material - slides, negatives, photos - in all sizes and formats. Walmart does not.

We Provide Concierge Service (Free of charge): We provide (free) extra services that others don't. For example, we will customize your directory structures if you wish. If your slides or negatives from a roll of film are grouped together, we will digitize them in the original sequence. Perhaps most importantly, we will preserve all written information on or in the containers, and make it part of your photo archive. Our guiding principle is to provide personalized service, at a fair price.

Another service we provide, free of charge - if your slides are grouped with date information on the containers (carousels, boxes, etc.) we do our best to digitize them in chronological order, that way your image archive is presented in historical order. Additionally, whenever possible, when we process slides and negatives that are from a single roll of film, we process the images in the order in which they were taken, using the frame numbers on the film, or slide mounts (when present, and they are readable!).

Another important difference is in how your slides, (or negatives, or photos) are handled. Every step of our process is manual, from the removal of your slides from the box you sent them in, through cleaning, scanning, and editing (if selected) - nothing is automated.

Their process is likely a bulk operation - in effect they put your slides "into the hopper" at one end, and get a stack of slides and a directory full of image files at the other.

One other important item: we can digitize ALL forms of photographic images: not just slides,but negatives, prints, filmstrips, albums, unmounted slides, what ever you have. If it is a photographic image, we can digitize it.

Slides in Carousels or Trays?

That's too bad, if you plan to go to Walmart. They clearly state: "Group your slides into bundles of 50 and secure with rubber bands". On the other hand, we will accept your slides in carousels, trays, binders, boxes, rubber bands, or any other containers - and at no extra charge. We also accept all types of slide mounts: cardboard, plastic, glass mounts, metal framed mounts, etc. Going to Walmart? Sorry - plastic or cardboard ONLY.

slide bundle

If your slides are in some type of carousel, projector tray, or cube, you may want to consider taking advantage of ourSpace-SaverTM Option.  After we digitize the slides from your carousels or trays, we will bundle them together (in order), and label each bundle with the information that was on the carousel or tray box for easy identification.

Then we ship your slides back to you (in a much smaller box!) and recycle the old carousels or trays. Let's face it - you are not likely to ever use that old projector again, so why keep the bulky storage containers? This option can save you a LOT of storage space.

Got a Large Job?

If you have a large job - over 500 slides - Walmart will hand you two or more DVDs with your slides on them. Their DVDs are limited to 500 slides. We, on the other hand, will load your slides onto a flash drive (up to 1TB!), DVDs, or to Blu-ray discs (conventional, or M-Discs) which can hold thousands of slide images - even at our much higher resolution. We have produced Blu-ray slide shows with over 3,000 slides on a single Blu-ray M-disc. Walmart does not give you the option of Blu-ray discs of any kind.

How to Order: To request conversion services, just fill out the Scanning Request Form.

Our Approach

Our approach, as explained on the "Slides" page is, first, to handle your slides one at a time. If necessary, we clean the loose dust off, photograph the slide, and return it to the carousel, (if that's where it came from), unless you have opted for the Space-SaverTM Option.. Or, we restack them in their box or container. As described on the Slides page, our process produces a 24 MP image of a 35mm slide - that's more than 3x the resolution you will get from Walmart (about 6 MP).

We offer the lowest cost high resolution photographic slide scanning service on the Internet.

You can trust Digital Conversions LLC to handle all yourslide scanningneeds.