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Customer Comments

Here are some comments we have received from some of our Customers regarding our Service:

"We are really impressed with the way you run your company and deal with customers. I don't think I've ever encountered such good communication and customer service!"
E.W., The Villages, FL

"I appreciate what a good job you did to scan them so cleanly. I will recommend you to friends with no hesitation."
Ken W, Wallingford, PA

"I have received your package last Monday and I did not have time open the box till today. I am really thrilled to see those pictures. You did a great job. Thanks a million"
A.B., Durham NC

"Digital Conversions helped me to restore a very old and damaged photo that meant a lot to our family. Fast service, quality work, professional!"
L.J., Chicago, IL

About Digital Conversions LLC

Our Company is located in S.E. Pennsylvania, in an area known as Chadds Ford. The region is called the Brandywine Valley - an area rich with Colonial history. Among other notables, the area is known for being the home of the Wyeths, three generations of famous artists: N. C. Wyeth,Andrew Wyeth,and Jamie Wyeth. Another Wyeth, Nathaniel, worked for duPont, and is credited as the inventor of the Polyester bottle.

A deservedly famous attraction in this area isLongwood Gardens. These magnificent Gardens were once the estate of Pierre S. duPont, who acquired it from the Pierce family in 1906 - the family who had originally received it in agrant from William Pennin 1700.

The Gardens are always a breath-taking experience at any time of year. Among many other horticultural attractions, Longwood has over 7,000 orchid plants! The pictures we have used on our web site are all photographs of water lilies and orchids that we have taken at Longwood (among many thousands of frames!). You can enjoy more of our Longwood photos on our FaceBook Page.

We are a small Company, not a big Corporation. Our emphasis is on providing personalized service to our Customers, taking great care to see that your Digital Conversion needs are taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.

Referrals (Earn Cash!)

We are a small Company, and we are just getting started. One of the constant needs of a Company like ours is a source of new Customers. It is likely that you know people who might be interested in our services - if so, we hope you will tell them about us.

But- we know you are busy, and we do not expect you to take the time to send us the email addresses of potential customers out of the goodness of your heart (although you might!). So - how about some Cash?

Here's how it works: Just tell people about us, and then send us their email addresses (so that we know that you referred them to us). When they place an order with us for any of our services, once their order has been completed, we will send you a cash award equal to 10% of the value of their first order. The award will be in the form of a Visa Gift Card, which can be used just like cash or a credit card.

So we hope you will tell all your contacts about us. Here's the easy way send us your referrals (you can send as many as you wish): just send an email to this address:referrals@digitalconversions.biz. Remember to include your name and address as well, so that we can send you your Gift Card when they order from us.

Important: We do not place any limits on the number of referrals you may submit, or the size of the bonus you may receive for a referral, or the total amount you may earn in referral awards. The more referrals you send to us, the more money you can make!

Contact Us

Our mailing Address is:

Digital Conversions LLC
Suite 3, #444
391 Wilmington Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342

Phone: 484-502-6706

email: support@digitalconversions.biz

Important: Please do not send any material to us without first sending us your Request Form and receiving in return from us your Shipping Instructions, Order Form, and Shipping Label. This will help to insure that your precious photographs arrive safely, and at a time when they can be processed without any delay.


We respect your privacy, and we do not sell, or rent, or give away, any of your personal information including email address, physical address, or phone number. We will never use any of your photographs for any purpose without your expressed written consent to such use.

Choose Digital Conversions LLC to be your partner in taking care of all yourslide & photo scanningneeds.

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