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Welcome to Digital Conversions LLC

Bringing Your Past Into The Digital Now

Scanning Slides, Negatives, and Photos

Our mission is to provide you with the lowest cost, best quality scanning service available on the Internet. We offer scanning services for slides, photographs and negatives, as well as photo restoration and retouching. (We'll even scan a couple of your slides, photos or negatives for free, just to introduce ourselves - see theScanning Slides, Scanning NegativesorScanning Photographspages for details). Also, check out our Loyalty Program for repeat clients (below).

No-Crop Scanning

We want you to be assured that all our scanning services are CROP-FREE. Unlike some other (many other) services, we will not crop your slides, photos, or negatives in the scanning process. The files you receive from us will contain the full images that are on the original material.

What we offer: We will scan yourSlides, Negatives (including Disc Film) and Photographs, all formats. For slides (2" x 2" standard mounts: 35mm, and other film sizes) we scan 35mm slides at a resolution of 16MP. For other formats (for example 110, 120, 126 and 127 Super Slides) there may be slight variations in the total MP size of the image. High resolution scanning means that you will get all of the available detail in each slide converted into your digital image. Each scan will be processed to remove dust and scratches, properly oriented, color balanced and presented as a jpeg image file (RAW files are available as an option, at a small additional cost) stored on the medium of your choice.

You can see samples of our slide conversions here.

Photo Restoration & Retouching

We also offer both photograph restoration and photograph retouchingservices (also called photo editing). If you have old or damaged photographs, there is an excellent chance that they can be restored to near-perfect condition. For more details, see our Photo Restoration page. If you have a photo that is not to your liking, with some sort of "defect", we can probably cure that situation as well. Need to remove the "extra ten pounds" the camera adds? Check with us. Got a great picture except that it includes your "ex"? We can "take them out". See our Photo Retouching page for more information.

Fast Turnaround

Our policy and practice is to receive materials from our Customers and have them completely processed and ready to ship back to them within two weeks or less of their arrival at our location - with an emphasis on the "or less" part! If you want to get your scanning work done quickly, then you will want to send it to us.

Monthly Program

If you have a large number of items to be scanned, you may want to consider our Monthly Submission Program. This will make it easy for you to spread out the cost of digitizing and preserving your memories, and to reserve a priority spot in our work queue each month instead of having to take a chance that a high volume of work might delay your submission.

Here's how it works: Three weeks after your first order has been processed, we will automatically email a new shipping label and Order Form for your next batch of materials to be scanned. We will hold a priority spot in our work-flow for your order, and as long as your materials arrive within ten days, your work will be given priority status, and inserted into our work flow when it arrives. If your material does not arrive within ten days of the email, it will be placed at the end of the queue. There is, of course, no obligation involved, you may stop submitting material at any time.

You can get more detail on our prices and services on the individual pages for each service: Slide Scanning, Negative Scanning, Photograph Scanning, Retouching Photographs and Photograph Restoration

Loyalty Program

We believe that repeat Customers are the most important ones we serve - and we feel that Loyalty deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Whether you decide to use our Monthly program or not, when your first order is completed, you will receive a Coupon with your order with a value of 10% of the total cost of that order (not including shipping). That coupon can be used against the next order you send in, up to 20% of the value of that order (any Coupon balance may be used on future orders as well).

That 10% Coupon will be included with every order that we process for you! So, after your first order, you will always have a Coupon you can use to reduce the cost of your next order.

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